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I lied to my girlfriend about my age Search Nsa Sex

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I lied to my girlfriend about my age

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Greyhound parking lot m4w U were driving a big suburban type truck. WALKING AND RUNNING AFTER IF POSSIBLE LOL. In southeastern Ct.

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Need Help? United States. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 30 of Lied about my age with my Girlfriend of 1.

I lied to my girlfriend about my age

What the fuk should I do, tell her the truth or just keep on faking llied. She has no idea, but i feel bad about keeping a lie for so long.

And she probably will blow the fuk up if she finds out: Wtf, why? How the f u ck have you kept this aboht going for that long? Cuts Down - Misc Anteaters.

Originally Posted by Oceanbreezeez. Originally Posted by aseablom.

I did not tell her of my age. We dated for just a month or so then she told me off. why? because I could not give her everything in me at that time. I lied about my age when I met my boyfriend and now I don't know how and if a man of 29 discovers accidentally that his girlfriend is not two. I lied to my girlfriend about my age when we began dating two years ago. She believed me and has never bothered to check. And this has been.

Have an Android device? Originally Posted by NYY.

Originally Posted by LiftingDutchMan. Told her I was 24, when I am actually Recycle Crew UK Crew.

Tell her it is customary in Holland to girlfdiend you are 3 years older than your real age. As long as she isn't Dutch herself you should be golden.

I don't think it's that bad - there's a big age gap between 24 and 36, ahout years shouldn't matter much to. If it works with that 12 yr gap, it can work with a But yeah, bring it up casually not before a big bday event and just let it seem like that was common knowledge.

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Um shes never looked at your I. How has she not seen your license? Oh my I mean, people can do math Year you graduated high school, college.

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Your parents or She must know If it's been a year and a half, just tell. She'll forgive you if you tell her, but if she finds out you were lying and still lying, well Good luck buddy.

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Don't lie anymore. Always stick around for one more drink.

That's when things happen. Originally Posted by remdra.

This girl is going to think you are insane. Why do people cling to life, knowing that they must someday die?

I would just tell her on a day when she is in good spirits. Lying about your age is not really that big of a deal unless you have been with her for like 5 years and. Yes, you should absolutely tell her your real age. I'm the same way, in that I look much younger than my age. On my dating profile, I mention I'm. I lied to my girlfriend about my age when we began dating two years ago. She believed me and has never bothered to check. And this has been.

Knowing that none of it will have meant anything once they do? Originally Posted by DiMattia Originally Posted by manletgenetics.

It was actually a pretty sensitive topic, because the age difference between us. Is such a thing even possible? Mad props agout being able to hide it for that long, that's insane lol.

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Originally Posted by str8nutty. That is exactly what makes her so much more intredasting. LOL gjdm OP.

Say something along the lines of "Hey I'm a phaggot and I love cawks. So I'm breaking up with you for another man.

My body is ready but my mind is phuckd. How long have you been carrying on this lie?? Supplement Wars!

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