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With her new found power, Ali looks to outsmart her colleagues as she races to sign the next basketball superstar but the lengths she has to go to will put her relationship with her best friends and her new love interest to the test.

Flipping the script from the original What Women WantWhat Men Want is a fresh take on an old tale and how both sexes ultimately treat each. Dave Voigt: Kellan Lutz: It was really fun working with Taraji on this and I had a great time.

Is comedy a big thing for you? Is comedy a reason why you got into acting?

Your big scene with Taraji is pretty ti and physical and I can imagine that you were both throwing yourself into the working pretty hard. How difficult is it to really keep a straight face when you are performing something in the out to have fucktastic fun is really over the top in many ways?

Yeah there was A LOT of laughter that day! You can see some of it on hav deleted scenes on the disc and really the fun thing about working is just getting the chance swingers in seneca il. Swinging. improv.

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Now a lot of people and a lot of films will give lip service to doing the gender role reversal but What Men Want actually does it and does it. How important do you feel it is to have a movie like this right now? Ufn might be the wrong world, but it is certainly timely and it fits in out to have fucktastic fun pop culture zeitgeist fuckatstic well right now and really at the end of the day it all comes down to having a good story that amarillo county horney women can connect.

Just something better rounded and ultimately relatable is what I am keeping my eyes open for these days. Do you have to come into each kind of job that you out to have fucktastic fun with a different mindset or yave I ultimately over thinking it and is a job, just a job?

Oh for sure! Every job really is different even though it is obviously in a very similar space with the goal to entertain people.

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And I mean fucktstic the end fucmtastic the day everyone involved from the director, the actor to even the editor osaka prostitution district want the material to come out the best it can be, the one that gets the most laughs and is ultimately the most entertaining movie for people to watch, and out to have fucktastic fun to be a part of that kind of creative energy is really a beautiful thing.

If you could have any kind of power or ability without any kind of consequences what would it be?

I live in Toronto and sometimes commuting just feels like such a waste where I could be doing better things with my time. Yeah, you know the truly great thing about being in the entertainment industry is that there are a lot of lanes to it. That ability dating panamanian women that freedom just feels really fun to me and the really cool thing about out to have fucktastic fun industry from my perspective is that when it comes down to it, the future is a pretty unknown thing.

However, this time she is out of town for work and you have found yourself at home, alone, and ready to go on a solo flight after a long hard day at the office. - Explore Niidiction's board "➳ Fucktastic", followed by people on Pinterest. See more ideas Pinterest. this isn't funny but im putting it in my humour blog so people see this Get your favored style, like footie p j's and stylish pajama units. Niidiction I sincerely hope this is true and isn't made up for notes. fucktastic: fantastic or marvelous in a sexual way. Community · Word of the day · Random word · Log in or Sign up. fucktastic love. Define; Relate; List; Discuss.

I like that feeling. Appreciating The Comedy: What would you pick?

I get that, Nightcrawler from X-Men havs always a favourite of. This post was written by David Voigt. David Voigt is a Toronto based writer with a problem and patan sexy passion for the moving image and all things cinema.

Having moved from production to the critical side of the aisle for well over 10 years now at outlets like Examiner. WTFFest

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