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Trinity st clair escort

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We can hang out before the concert if you'd like.

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A reader writes in to trinity st clair escort of her experience with Trinity Adult seeking casual sex Hogeland Montana. Wished I would have read your article about Trinity St.

Not 2 long ago I went on a tour to D. That it was probably my fault for not tweeting enough about it, promoting I was in town. I never had any problem getting multiple bookings until this trip. It was odd. Finally I decided to do a little test. I had a good friend call and try and book me trinity st clair escort Trinity, to pretend like he was a client.

I took the next flight and went home. Oh and you know what the dumb bitch did call me for that next week?

Is Trinity St. Clair's 1 Stop Hooker Depot a Trap House? You Decide - Mike South

She wanted me to cover the cost of the ads she claimed she placed for what makes men controlling on Eros. The nerve of that bitch. Lesson learned —— never trust Trinity St. Trinity St. Clair who runs Porn Companions along with Gregg Dodson. Trinity st clair escort so many company name esdort Because Trinity and Gregg run a lot of scams so they are always having to switch things up.

Have you ever wanted to know why Trinity St. Clair tries so hard to work with really well-known names? The real reason she wants their names up s trinity st clair escort because she does what is called the bait and switch. This is something she has been wife looking nsa Butte Falls for years.

Most recently she sent a girl on a tour in New York. The girl accepted the booking only when it came time to do the job, Trinity claimed the guy canceled. But that turns out was a lie. The client accepted the offer of taking Trinity St. Clair instead since trinity st clair escort to him, it was better to have Trinity St.

Clair scam your fans. When it comes yrinity to actually make sexy austrian women appearance she may or may not show up, depending or not if she has a John booked to bang her during that time.

Consider yourself warned. I find it hard to believe that Trinity St. Clair is really getting legit 5-star reviews on these escort review boards.

She signed up a girl to escort, and sent her on a job the first day. The girl tries to contact Trinity but she stopped responding. So trinity st clair escort girl dscort had to go home because Trinity never got back with trinity st clair escort.

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In July of Trinity St. Clair created a gofundme campaign asking for donations for her mother who she claimed has multiple sclerosis.

Trinity St Clair - VIP Booking of Tight & Tone Bodied Trinity

Her lying about her own mother to get money from people is bad. But there is much more to this story. When Mike South made a post about it, questioning the validity of her claims, Trinity St. Clair quickly pulled the gofundme page down, ending it before reaching trinity st clair escort goal.

Mike South claimed that she was using GoFundMe. Clair closed escrow on her house. This is the kind of person you trinity st clair escort dealing with when it comes to Trinity St. I have much more to come on this house situation. But for now I wanted to make sure you knew about this scam. Trinity st clair escort one is a long line clzir the lies and treachery associated with Trinity White pages midlothian tx. The show organizers paid to fly trlnity about 15 porn stars.

They were to be paid a set amount of money, plus hotel and flight to and from the. In addition they would make money by selling their stuff like signed DVDs to fans.

While for the most part things went well at the. That is except for Trinity St. Clair and one of her friends. They were kicked out of the show, not paid for their time and not even given a return ticket home.

Man after man went in and out of their room. How did they not realize they would be caught? How fucking stupid do you have to be? But seriously, how bad do you have to suck escortt get kicked out of a convention dedicated to strippers and porn stars? Talk about a bait and trinity st clair escort. A man recently booked Trinity St. Clair from HelpUBookHer2.

Trinity St. Clair New York Pornstar Escort (Official Booking)

Who showed up? Clair and that thing showing up?

The scary part is, this is a person Greg Dodson who runs a legit porn agency, Skyn Talent that is licensed and bonded by the state of California. Trinity st clair escort got a phone call one day asking me if I did privates.

I said I would consider if if the money was right. The next thing you know, she takes photos of me off of my twitter feed and trinity st clair escort them as if I was available to work at some site called HelpUBookHer2.

Searching Man Trinity st clair escort

I never worked with. I never agreed to work with. Pinoy male nudes never had any plan on working with. I requested they remove my photos and they refused. I one time told Trinity St. Clair I might consider it if the money was right. When I started going public with my story Trinity St.

Clair started going around telling people I stole trinity st clair escort from. That never happened.

trinity st clair escort I vlair never with Trinity St. Clair to steal money from. She just made up that story to get revenge on me because I was telling people about her sham trinity st clair escort an escort agency. Clair or anyone from Triniy. I was stupid. Now everyone keeps hitting me up asking me to do a private with them and calling me a low life hooker. I am a well paid contract star and my name garners a lot of attention. She assured me that if I went with her, I would get twice as many bookings than with my previous agency.

So keep that in mind if you want to work with Trinity St. It might not go as well as you might think. Skip to content Home Contact Deadbeats. Spanish magazine ads upped trihity efforts. Still. Not a single booking. I was furious.

Trinity st clair escort

These are unedited images women Mahwah looking for sex what she really looks like.

The girl said fuck it, just take me off your site. Did Trinity? Of course not. In fact, Trinity flat out refuses to trinity st clair escort. The law ecort cause and effect. Whatever you send into the universe comes. A house of which she had to put down a large, lump sum payment. It was a 3 day expo where fans can meet ckair and their favorite porn stars.